Sterne fallen am Horizont
we are young with open eyes blinded by the citylights lose control to feel alive just another day in paradise

After two days I´m finally done with my new layout/design. I felt like the one I had before looked to much like summer (depending colors) and I felt like I just needed sth new. So this one fits more the autumn. As you can see there are also some new sections, like the “media" section in the navigation and some project and voting stuff in the sidebar. I felt like I wanted to share some more information about our boys on my tumblr for people who might not know them or are interested in them. Even though I haven´t added the new pages yet, the “media” button is already there. And I added an affiliate section in the sidebar, too. So if you´re interested in becoming an affiliate just check the rules :)
There are also some more “things” you can click in the header now, like “tokio hotel tv history”, “DSDS by episodes" and I´ll also add some more features there in the following weeks. So this is not just decoration, you can also click on them. I hope you like my new design and that you´re just as happy as I am with it.

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